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Pipeline Cleaning Requirements of Screw Chiller System

Oct. 10, 2020

If the chiller is used for too long, some impurities will inevitably exist inside, which will affect the refrigeration system. In order to ensure the stable cooling effect of the chiller and prolong the service life of the chiller, regular maintenance of the chiller is required. So, what are the requirements for pipe cleaning of screw chiller system?

Observe that the oil color of the compressor refrigerating oil of the screw chiller turns brown, indicating that the oil has been turbid, check whether the smell has a burnt smell, and check the resistance value of the motor winding in the compressor. If the resistance between the windings and the casing is normal and well insulated, the refrigerating oil and cleaning system must be replaced.

Semi Closed Screw Type Chiller

For the contamination in the system pipeline, the cleaning agent can be used to clean it. Before cleaning, first discharge the refrigerant in the refrigeration system, then remove the compressor, and pour the refrigerant oil from the process tube. During the cleaning operation, first, remove the compressor and filter drier, then disconnect the capillary tube (or expansion valve) from the evaporator, use a pressure-resistant hose to connect the evaporator to the condenser, and use another A hose to firmly connects the cleaning equipment with the suction and exhaust pipes of the compressor. The equipment used for cleaning includes pumps, tanks, filters, dryers, and various valves.

The cleaning process is as follows: first, inject the cleaning agent into the liquid tank, then start the pump, make it run, and start cleaning. When cleaning, press forward and reverse many times. Until the cleaning agent does not show acidity, for mild pollution, it only needs to circulate for about 1 hour. For severe pollution, it will take 3-4 hours. If cleaning for a long time, the cleaning agent is dirty, the filter is also clogged and dirty, you should replace the cleaning agent and filter before proceeding. After washing, the cleaning agent is dirty and the filter is clogged and dirty. The cleaning agent in the reservoir must be recovered from the liquid pipe. After cleaning, the refrigeration pipeline should be purged with nitrogen and dried.

The above information is provided by flooded type screw type chiller factory.

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