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Industrial Chillers Maintenance Methods

Sep. 06, 2022

Chiller maintenance in machinery and equipment maintenance is an essential point, only often maintain the machine, the machine will not appear aging or do not work. Here to take a look at the cold knowledge it.


Industrial chillers maintenance methods.

1. The industrial chiller unit of the various protection devices set the manufacturer has set up, the user should not change at will when using.


2. To regularly check whether the chiller cooling water system is normal, the cooling water tower fan and sprinkler shaft is running well, the chiller built-in water tank replenishment is normal. Regularly check whether there is leakage of chiller refrigerant: you can refer to the parameters shown in the high and low pressure table on the front panel of the mainframe to determine.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

 Air Cooled Scroll Chiller


3. When the unit fails to stop with alarm, press the alarm stop button first, then check the cause of the failure, and remember not to force the machine to start running before troubleshooting.


4. Do not shut down the unit by cutting off the power supply if it is not an emergency; if the unit is stopped for a long time in winter, shut down the unit first, then shut down the main power supply and release the water in the chiller.


5. The use of industrial chillers to keep the machine room clean, well ventilated, to regularly clean the condenser to ensure that the unit works properly.

6. Air-cooled chillers, after turning on the machine should first check whether the fan's steering is correct, if the steering is normal, it can be used normally, if reversed, the power supply wiring is reversed phase, you must replace the phase sequence and then start. Also ensure good heat dissipation, which is to keep the surface of the cooling coil of the chiller clean, to ensure air circulation around the machine, the temperature is low, and regular cleaning of the cooling coil.


Box Type Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Box Type Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

7. Water-cooled chillers to keep the cooling water tower clean, keep the air around the water tower circulation and low temperature, to avoid debris into the cooling water tower to reduce cooling efficiency. 


8. Chillers should be used for six months to do system cleaning, cleaning once a year, the main cleaning parts include: cooling water tower, hot water pipe piping and condenser part to ensure better cooling effect. If the chiller use check after six months, the dehumidifier or high / low pressure switch often malfunction, or the cooling capacity is reduced, which requires professional maintenance personnel to repair.


These are some of the ways to maintain the industrial chiller, we do a good job in the daily if you do a good job of maintaining the chiller, not only can make the chiller work more efficiently, but also can make the chiller life longer, reducing the operational risk, so that the chiller can be more durable.


What is called non-start-stop chillers, how to buy? 

Non-start-stop chillers actually control the flow of refrigerant in the chiller to control the temperature of the cooling cycle water. According to the manufacturing principle of chillers, there are 2 types of control methods, within 5 degrees using the refrigerant flow control method, so that the chiller can accurately control the temperature in plus or minus 0.1 degrees, outside 5 degrees using the compressor start-stop method, so that the chiller does not need strong refrigeration in the case of energy-saving work. 

Based on the way the chiller works, the refrigeration precision requirements for the chiller can basically meet (high precision requirements can be used to control the flow of refrigerant). What remains is the cooling power and pump selection requirements, as long as the specific heat generation is considered, you can choose a different refrigeration capacity of the chiller, and then look at the pump head and flow requirements, choose a different pump. In this way, you can find the right chiller.

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