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How to Deal With the High Pressure Alarm Caused by the Blockage of the Condenser?

Oct. 28, 2020

Condensers of screw chillers are extremely easy to foul and reduce heat exchange efficiency, so it is very important to clean the condenser of screw chillers.

First, reasons for the cleaning of the condenser of the screw chiller:

The condenser of the screw chiller is very easy to scale. Normally, daily water treatment should be done during the cooling period in the summer. Otherwise, if it is operated in a high hardness water environment, the inorganic salt dissolved in the water in the circulating water system will rise with the temperature. High crystal precipitation, scale formation on the tube wall of the condenser heat exchange surface, resulting in reduced heat exchange efficiency. At the same time, if the hard scale increases, the energy consumption will increase. When the hard scale is 1mm thick, it will increase by 6%-8%.

In addition, due to the dirt, silt, and humus in the water, the biological slime formed by bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms and their secretions will adhere to the heat exchange tube wall of the condenser to form a mud scale. The road is blocked; dirt and sludge will affect the heat exchange efficiency, consume more power, cause high-pressure operation, and cause overpressure shutdown in severe cases, which seriously affects the normal operation of the condenser.

Screw Chiller

Second, how to clean the condenser:

Condenser cleaning is divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The physical cleaning generally uses a high-pressure water jet to remove the dirt from the condenser copper pipe; if the scale is hard to scale, it should be chemically cleaned, and the physical method cannot remove the scale. In order to make the condenser run in the optimal state, it is necessary to carry out special chemical treatment on the condenser to remove scale, rust, slime, sterilization, and anti-corrosion treatment, and restore it to a clean metal surface.

Third, the correct steps for cleaning the condenser:

1. Close the cooling water inlet and outlet valves of the condenser, use the thermometer tube, pressure gauge tube or sewage pipe to connect the anti-corrosion pump and the liquid distribution tank to make a small circulation system for cyclic cleaning.

2. Add pickling corrosion inhibitor (scaling agent) first. This agent is a special copper corrosion inhibitor, which is attached to the metal inner wall of the condenser to prevent acid and metal from reacting.

3. Add solid pickling cleaning agent, used to clean calcium carbonate scale as the main component of scale. The cleaning agent is a composite solid organic acid, white crystals, non-corrosive to metals, and a weak acid; the amount of cleaning agent is based on the amount of equipment scaling Depends.

4. Add mud scale stripper (optional). If the condenser equipment is thicker, you need to add mud scale stripper to promote the product after the scale reaction to quickly dissolve in water and accelerate the deep scale reaction.

5. Add a neutralizing passivator, and after the condenser is chemically cleaned, neutralize the residual acid to prevent the oxidation of the metal surface and generate secondary floating rust.

6. Condenser pipe brush

Industrial screw chiller condensing pipe brush, also known as pipe brush, hole cleaning brush, twist wire brush, etc, is a very widely used brush product, mainly made of steel wire as the skeleton, with Many neatly arranged, thin brush filaments extending outward. The brush wire materials include nylon wire, fiber hair, bristles, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, etc., and they have different ranges of use.

Function: Suitable for cleaning, dredging, and removing rust inside various pipelines.

Features: The test tube brush is mainly used to remove the tiny burrs on the surface of the hole after finishing, thereby improving the smoothness of the inner hole, generally by a small level to a large level.

The above information is provided by water-cooled chiller manufacturer.

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