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Advantages As A Cooling Water Unit Chiller

Sep. 10, 2019

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Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

The chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment, which can effectively provide constant temperature and constant pressure cooling equipment. Such a kind of equipment can cool all the liquids when actually working, so what are the advantages of the chiller? Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer would like to share with you.

1, high heat exchange efficiency

When the industrial chiller is actually used, all the products are all condensers. There are also evaporators inside, and the structure is relatively simple, the maintenance is very convenient, and the heat exchange efficiency is high. The products of the chillers are All of the products are designed by the company. The internal equipment is relatively more. The heat transfer performance is 20% higher than that of ordinary products. The loss of cooling capacity is relatively small, and it is easy to return oil. The heat transfer tube will not Cracking occurs, so the overall cost performance is relatively high.

2, accurate temperature control ability

During the actual setting process of the chiller, the temperature control capability is very important. The whole product is imported computer digital temperature controller, the freezing temperature can reach 3 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, and the temperature control is excellent. The products have more precise control and energy saving features.

3, comprehensive protection device

When the chiller is actually in operation, the entire chiller is equipped with a full range of safety protection devices, like a chiller protection device or other reverse phase protection devices, as well as high and low pressure pressure protection devices. If you encounter a fault, you can call the police in time.

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