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Analysis of The Causes of Noise Generated by the Operation Of Chiller Manufacturers

Jun. 13, 2022

Here is Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier talking about Analysis of the causes of noise generated by the operation of chiller manufacturers.

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Noise is common in the operation of industrial equipment. There are many reasons for noise. It may also be caused by some environmental problems in the installation. When noise is generated, we must first confirm the cause, and whether it is internal components. The problem is presented because if the problem is presented and the replacement or repair is not stopped in time, the chiller will not work properly.

The environment and location of the device can cause noise problems, and if it is in a relatively small environment, the noise will be "amplified". A small environment will make the normal operation sound louder, and it will sound beyond the normal operation. It is recommended that whether it is an air-cooled machine or a water-cooled machine, it is installed in a relatively empty environment, and there are no foreign objects in the surrounding area. If the request is higher, the soundproof wall can be installed and the ventilation and heat dissipation can be adhered to.

There is no flatness treatment under the device position, which will cause displacement during normal operation, and the vibration and shaking of the normal operation. Under the displacement condition, the amplitude of the vibration will be increased, and a large amount of noise will be generated.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier

Due to the operational noise caused by the chiller itself, the air cooler and the water cooler are more likely to generate "noise" than the latter due to structural differences. As you know, the air cooler is cooled by the fan for the condenser, while the water cooler is cooled by the cold water tower system for the condenser. Compared with the noise of the cold water tower (normally placed at a high place, it is not in the same position as the water cooler). The fan is noisier and integrated with the chiller main unit, so it is easier to feel the noise (can clear the blade or fill the bearing with smooth oil).

Furthermore, the chiller's squeezing machine is one of the sources of noise. The selected squeezing machine can have low noise characteristics, and the chiller noise must be low. Otherwise, the overall chiller noise will be larger.

In addition to the noise figure of the chiller used in the chiller, whether the chiller can run continuously for a long time, whether to add proper smooth oil, and to maintain it regularly, and whether the service life is too long, etc., is to balance the noise figure of the chiller. The size of the element. In addition, whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, there are pumps. If the running noise of the pump is too large, it may be demand liquidation.

Then, as an important part of the chiller manufacturer, in order to reduce its loss and noise generation, what should we stop maintenance to increase its service life and improve operational efficiency?

1. Check whether the smooth oil level in the fuselage and oiler is normal.

2. Check the movement flexibility of the oiler and the amount of oil injected

3. Check the oil leakage, water leakage, and air leakage of the compactor and take corresponding measures to remove it.

4. Check if the opening status of each valve is correct.

5. Check whether the vibration of the machine is normal, otherwise, it is necessary to stop the inspection and sweep.

6. Check whether the values of each meter are normal.

7. Check the course (fine) filter of the smooth oil, and the fine filter is changed according to the condition. Stop cleaning the coarse filter.

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