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Air Cooled Chiller

The air-cooled chiller absorbs heat from the process water and then transfers the heat to the air around the chiller. This type of cooler system is generally used in applications that do not consider the extra heat it releases. In fact, it is usually feasible to use excess heat to heat plants in winter, thereby saving additional costs.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

The series air cooled screw type chiller cooling capacity from 85KW to 1550KW. This series units integrates the characteristics of many other products, using imported semi-closed screw compressors,supplemented by high-efficiency heat exchangers and adopts microcomputer controllers, which makes the unit compact, reasonable layout, convenient to use and maintain.

Industrial Fixed Air-Cooled Chiller

The term "stationary air-cooled chiller" refers to any chiller that does not include a pump or water tank. The main component is an independent chiller, which must be connected to the pump and a separate water tank through pipes to operate.

The system usually has separate control devices for the cooler and pump, and each component has an electrical connection. Ideally, the control devices should be connected together to prevent the cooler from cooling down before the circulating pump runs. 

Air-cooled chiller vs water-cooled chiller

1.Air-cooled chillers require less maintenance than water-cooled units.

2.Air-cooled chillers do not require cooling towers or condensate pumps.

3.Since wet surfaces transfer heat better than dry surfaces, they consume approximately 10% more power than water-cooled devices.

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Air Cooled Chiller
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